Nokia’s and Microsoft’s moment of truth approaching soon

The Nokia world conference is planned on October 26-27. Since Nokia’s Windows Phones are announced for Q4 2011, it is likely that Nokia will announce these at the conference. This would mark a significant moment for both Nokia and Microsoft.

Nokia has announced that Windows Phone will become its primary smartphone operating system. The Nokia world conference could be the moment where this will become in effect.

The upcoming phones by Nokia are the first ones who will ship Windows Phone 7.5 by default. This will feature many improvements like turn-by-turn navigation and improved localization.

The new version of Windows Phone and the fact that a big player like Nokia is committing to Windows Phone could really help Microsoft gain market share.

Both companies could really use some success: Nokia’s market share keeps on dropping and Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS currently has a market share of only one percent. Microsoft has paid Nokia “billions of dollars” in for their cooperation, so Windows Phone needs to gain a lot of market share in order to make this deal worthwhile. Will this happen? IDC thinks so, but only time will tell.


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