MWC 2012: Android-enabled Ski goggles

Today was my first day (ever) at a Mobile World Congress. From all things I have seen today I was very impressed about the Android-enabled Ski goggles which were presented by Recon Instruments at the Android section.  I had the privilege to put some of these goggles on my head to try them out.

As I didn’t have any prior knowledge about these goggles I dove in and checked them out. On the bottom right corner of your eyes you would see a tiny screen displaying information. Information like speed, time and loads more (see their website for additional information) could be projected onto this little screen.

I think the quality of the screen was impressive and showed a lot of information. One would think this small screen would get in the way of your actual vision but it didn’t. You need to actively look at the screen to see information, otherwise it will be nearly out of your line of sight.

After having tried the goggles on, the friendly guy (who is sort of visible in the reflection of the goggles) told us that heart monitoring tools can (now or in the future, i’m not sure anymore) be  connected to the goggles. This will give you the opportunity to also see your heart rate while skiing.

Last but definitely not least the: the guy told us that they are working on creating Android-enabled sunglasses. He said they will be working on slimming down the hardware so it would fit better. Me, and probably many of you ‘sporties’ are looking forward to the day we don’t need to get distracted looking at our tracking equipment but can just slightly look down and get our much needed information.


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