Innovation in the mobile space until 2022

Industry leaders in the mobile space vented their ideas about the next 10 years of mobile innovation at the mobile world congress today. We were lucky enough to attend. Experts agree that the success of Apps is staggering. 15000 apps are launched every week. That has led to something called ‘App glut’: Too many apps – how do you find the quality apps you need / want. Also Apps do a great job of compartmentalizing functionality and making functions easily accessable. However the big picture sort of gets lost – how do we get the big picture back.

Here are some ideas how Apps will evolve in the future:

  • 10 Years ago Yahoo was the major entry point to the web. Lists and categories for everything. Then Google came and replaced Yahoo with a search box that knows what is relevant to you. Apps and App stores are like Yahoo and will be replaced by something else – not a search box, but because mobiles know more about you they can trigger relevant apps based on time and location. The phone will know what is relevant and let you know. You will not have to look up, install, start an app just for a one-time use anymore.
  • Mobiles will hear and understand you. Earsmart filters out background noise so that you can phone conference in a crowded restaurant. They ‘reverse engineer the human ear’ and are already used in 135 million smartphones. Their live demo of their next generation voice filtering software was truly impressive.
  • Mobiles and augmented reality will improve dramatically. Layar has been around for a few years, but has already been superceded by companies like Blippar. Blippar lets you scan a candybar and it then projects games, images and interactivity onto the candybar realistically. Already used by Tesco and other brands it enables true multimedia marketing: Scan a product wrapper, interact and buy through a mobile commerce site.
  • As hardware gets smaller and faster, the user experience will move to other devices. Your tablet will become a UI for your thermostat, your oven and other equipment. Which is a much better user experience than your oven or thermostat can ever provide.





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