No strings attached

In today’s world, who needs wires. Checking your email, playing a song thru your HiFi set or transferring data to your computer can all be accomplished wirelessly. Ever tried to charge your phone without an power adapter?

A couple of years ago Duracell showed us the Powermat (picture left), which enables you to charge your mobile phone wirelessly. This requires the use of an external peripheral, usually in the form of a protector case or a battery pack. The disadvantage of this is that the device will become more chunkier and will leave quite a bump in your pants.

During the MobileWorld Congress 2012 Duracell unveiled it’s Wireless Charging Card (WiCC). This piece of hardware can be installed in your smartphone and will, in combination with the Powermat, let you charge your battery without the use of external peripherals. As of writing of this article the WiCC is only compatible with a few devices, but  soon more will follow.

The WiCC is a small card which you place between the battery and the connector. Upon asking if the WiCC has any downside when it comes to the charge time, the guy from Duracell assured us that this won’t be any different than using a wired adapter. Off course this is something I have to see for myself…

In the mean time Qualigon is also displaying a solution for wireless charging. This will be something I will look at later this week.


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