Nokia sketchy on Windows Phone uptake

This morning Nokia CEO Steven Iva delivered an interesting presentation today about Nokia’s goal to create a third mobile ecosystem next to Apple’s closed and Android’s open ecosystem.

Nokia believes they are in a unique position to deliver an integrated horizontal platform for the way we organise our lives: What (currently catered to by search engines), Who (social networks) and Where (location). Obviously their navteq acquisition will help. The consensus is that Microsoft and Nokia have done a good job on the Lumia series phones and consumers are very satisfied with the phones.

The question remains however – are enough consumers buying Windows Phone’s to make the ecosystem sustainable and relevant. Nokia dropped its two previous smartphone platform efforts like lead bricks (remember Maemo?) and developers for Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.5 can chuck their skills out the window – Windows phone has NOTHING to do with Windows Mobile 6.5. Much as i think the Windows Phone user experience is great and a better design with sleeker phones than Android or iPhone at the moment, i will need a lot of convincing before we commit to Windows Phone. Steven Iva not mentioning uptake numbers and downplaying reports that only a million Windows Phones were sold in 2011 does not help. It’s early days for Nokia with Windows Phone, but that is no excuse not to come clean on the (lack of) success of their platform. Until then – have you seen many ¬†consumers on the street with a Windows Phone yet? No? Surprising…..



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