MWC 2012: change in the mobile industry with the speed of light?

Fundamental changes in people’s behavior drive the rapid changes in the mobile industry. As always revolutions take place because people want fundamental change in their lives. This is of all times and the current digital (mobile) revolution is in my opinion no exeption to this rule.

The Arabic spring is not happening because of technology but is happening because of people (smartly using technology). Of course technology brings new possibilities and I do believe that the current flow of rapid technological development gives great opportunities for improvement of live in general.

Inside our industry one can see that this change is irriversible and shakes the industry in all aspects.

First I thought that one blog on the MWC2012 would do but after four intense days in Barcelona I conclude that the spectrum is so diverse that it gives food for thought for several blogs. Subjects for the coming weeks that come to mind are: the growth of data will soon become to big to handle for network operators; Telco’s are in distress, their traditional business models can not keep up with the shift from voice and sms to ip services; a smartphone in every pocket (Google’s dream); the future of mHealth, Mobile payment: to NFC or not to NFC and more.

So as a novice writer at this blog I will return the coming weeks with blogs on each of the subjects. Hope you will all enjoy that.


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