iOS 6 rant

iOS has been around for a few weeks now. Developers have been able to see progressive beta versions for a few months. Much has been written about the sudden disappearance of all things google (see for an overview).
What is particularly annoying about the lack of Google product support in iOS6 is that no-one benefits. There are no cool replacements for youtube and google maps. Users will waste time looking for alternatives but they will doubtless find other ways to get to the content the want.
Meanwhile businesses and App developers are footing the bill. Here’s an uncool example:
Many apps we make for customers have youtube video integration. Even the most basic integration – opening a browser with a link to youtube has changed or is broken. Aaargghhh why? As though nobody has anything better to do than update an App to cope with random operating system changes. We will have to make the changes, and businesses will have to pay.


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