Droidcon UK 2012: Peer-to-peer made easy with AllJoyn

The first of two days at Droidcon UK 2012 was mostly filled with barcamp presentations. Basically, a barcamp is a conference where anyone with an interesting idea or discussion point can rise up to the stage and propose a subject. When enough people think the subject is interesting, the presentation fills a timeslot.

One of those barcamp proposals was from Qualcomm. Apparently, they have an equal as large software development division as they have for their hardware products. The proposal was about a software library called AllJoyn. This software library is able to use existing peer-to-peer technologies to create ad-hoc, device-to-device connections in a low proximity. This library provides a high level implementation for implementing peer-to-peer connections.

AllJoyn is interesting because the guys at Qualcomm thought about the typical challenges a developer faces when implementing peer-to-peer connections. So I think this makes it easy for developers to setup a peer-to-peer connection to create awesome apps like multi-screen and collaborative apps.

This library looks very promising and I think we can use this at Itude Mobile to build even greater apps.


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