Recap DroidconUK 2012

So our trip to the Droidcon UK is coming to an end. It has been a great two days. Droidcon UK brought together key players in the Android Mobile industry and 1000+ talented developers and designers to discuss the best of business, design, and development on the Android platform. It’s Europe’s largest Android Developer event!

Day one was Barcamp day, an ‘unconference’-style day where attendees where invited to present short talks based on their professional interests.
Besides our own talk about “Device fragmentation, done the right way“, one of the best talks was given by Bitbar about a product called testdroid. Have a look at one of their products.

Day two was the conference day. It featured talks from industry experts alongside large Android players such as Google, Facebook and Sony.
Great talk where given by Mark Murphy (CommonsWare), Cyril Mottier (Prixing) on the Fly-in app, Matt Gaunt (Google) on developing for Google TV, Corey Latislaw (Chariot Solutions) on Fragments, and Simon Cross (Facebook) on Open Graph.

This year’s event coincides with the 5th anniversary of the launch of Android, So celebrate this special milestone, they organized an Android hackathon.

In conclusion a great event, and hope we will be back next year.


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