Annoying App store bug on iPad and iPad mini since iOS 6

The other day we found a very annoying bug in the App store that only appears on the iPad and iPad mini since the release of iOS 6. Under normal circumstances you would expect to find any app on the App Store iPhone or iPad app alike. Unfortunately this is not the case.

In our example we use the app ‘BeFrank- Mijn Pensioen’, an app we developed for iPhone and Android.

1. Open the App store and start typing ‘befra’. As you can see in the screenshot below the autocompletion suggests ‘BeFrank’ as one of the options.

2. Click on the suggestion ‘BeFrank’. To our surprise no results appear for either iPad nor iPhone apps (see screenshot below).


3. That’s weird!? Let’s try on an iPhone. We repeat step one et voila! As the screenshot below demonstrates the ‘Befrank’ app is the only result. 

4. So it is on the App Store!? Ok, let’s try again on the iPad! This time we search for the keyword ‘pensioen’ (which means pension in dutch). As you can see in the screenshot below we get some iPad results as expected but no ‘BeFrank’ app.

5. Ok, lets switch to iPhone apps. Voila! There it is!  


We tried this with some other apps and here is our conclusion. There must be iPad apps within the results or the iPhone apps won’t show up! This means that you are likely to miss out on some good apps that just won’t show up in the results. Very frustrating!


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