BattleHack update 2

So an update when we are almost halfway. A little more than 13 hours left. And how are we doing? Igor did excellent job on creating a backend using Apiomat. A pretty cool service that lets you create an api in minutes. Literally! Check it out at

Meanwhile, the Android client is not as far as we had hoped. The experience with the Google Play Location Services is quite disappointing until now. Geofences are registered by each individual Android app. Why are geofences not created by a third party service like Google Cloud Messaging? Please let us know why you think it is a good idea to register geofences by the client.

The Google Play Location Services has it advantages. But at the moment the documentation is insufficient and we don’t have the time to test everything. So we are creating our own implementation to register the entry and exit events for a geofence.

Lets hope this approach will get us somewhere!


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