Creating expansion files without compression (.obb)

In response to an earlier post (Expanding your horizons using expansion files for Android) I have gotten a couple of questions regarding creating your own .obb files without compression.

Depending on the tools at your disposal there are a couple of ways tha you should be able to create .obb files.

Command line

This way of creating .obb files should work for most unix based operating systems (Linux, MacOS).

For my example application I used this command line to create my obb file:

zip -n .mp4 video.mp4

I ran this command from within the folder that contained my video.mp4 file.
A small break-down of this line:


Is the command to zip files

-n .mp4

Makes sure that files that have a .mp4 extension don’t get compressed. For any video or audio you want to be playing back you should make sure not to compress it. To prevent .mp4 and .avi files from being compressed you could change -n .mp4 into -n .mp4:.avi

Is what became my obb file. Make sure that when you rename your .zip file to your .obb file structure that you double check that the actual extension is .obb and not  This might have happened to me.


Is the video that I wanted to put in my .obb file. If you wish to have all files of your folder in the .obb file then you could use * instead of video.mp4


For all Windows users out there these steps should work.

  1. Download and install WinRAR
  2. Start WinRAR
  3. Click “Add” on the left top corner


  4. Click on the “Files” tab and make sure that you add all the files you want in your .obb to “Files to add”


  5. Now go to the “General” tab and make sure to select “ZIP” as “Archive format”. Now comes the most important part! Set “Compression method” to “Store“. Find yourself a suitable “Archive name”. Now hit the “OK” button. Your brand new expansion file without compression should be created!


JOBB tool

I haven’t used and am not planning on using the JOBB tool any time soon therefore I can’t explain how one should use it. But having said that I think you should be able to create your own expansion file with the methods that I’ve described above.

So when you finish reading this blog post you should be able to say:

You want me to create an expansion file? Easy peasy lemon squeezy!



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