First day at Droidcon UK 2013

My first day at Droidcon has been great! In the morning I pitched my topic for the barcamp which already got added to the program the day before. The topic I pitched was called: “The elegance of functional testing using Calabash”.

After the Barcamp pitches I decided to see the talk that Benjamin Weiss presented. He presented us with some interesting tips regarding responsive designing of applications. Even though we’ve previously applied some of the mentioned tips there were still some things that I didn’t know. The one I want to look into is using layout aliases. In short: You want to refer to a layout that will be used for both mobile and tablet layouts but you don’t want to “pollute” your project by using different layout files for closely similar screens. You can use an alias to be able to refer to a specific layout that applies to your screen density for example.

After this talk I stayed in the same room. Not because of laziness but because I was interested in the talk that Tim Messerschmidt presented. He presented us with some of his experiences regarding authentication. It was a clarifying and useful presentation with tips that will definitely come in handy with our authentication related projects.

After having seen this I went to see Robin Puthli talk about us going open-source with Mobbl. Obviously it was an interesting presentation and it’s exciting to be in a project that is going open-source. It was also great to see the amount of people turning up. More importantly it seemed like there are quite some people that are looking for something like Mobbl.

Now it was time for me to present. It was great to be able to speak at an event as Droidcon UK 2013. The room was filled with an interested and participating crowd. Questions were asked and it seems that people are interested in using Calabash. After having presented I spoke to someone that told me that he worked with BBC and told me that they have used it in some of their projects. It’s good to see Calabash being used in companies as big as BBC.

I went straight to the auditorium to see the presentation by Hugo Visser about Cupboard. It’s an open-source SQL persistence library that makes it easy for one to handle sqlite related actions. When I will be doing some stuff with sqlite I will make sure to have a look into the Cupboard.

This presentation was followed by a presentation by Test Fairy. Coen wrote a blog post about it so check it out!

The last mention-worthy talk I saw on the first day of DroidconUK 2013 was presented by Matthias Käppler and Stephane Nicholas. They presented Memento and Boundbox. Memento is an open source tool to remember the instance state of an Activity in an easy way. This is something that often cause headaches when you have to deal with orientation change. Boundbox allows you to easily test an object. It opens up all fields for you to test upon.

Now it’s time to have a bit of rest to prepare for the second day of awesomeness!


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