Droidcon UK 2013: Day 2, part 4

My fourth talk I attended today was presented by Mark Allison. He very passionately talked about animations for Android. Even though I already knew quite a bit of what he presented I still learnt some new stuff. He also triggered me to go and play a bit with animations again. He started off talking about Frame Drawables which can be used to define a set of drawables that will be shown after each other. Afterwards he talked about Rotation Drawables which can be used to animate the rotation of a Drawable. Then he discussed View Animations. One important note there is that View Animations should be placed in the res/anim folder.
He went into Interpolators afterwards which is a great way to spice up your animations. They allow you to have different ways of how the animation is executed. Interpolators can be found in many flavours for example accelerate/decelerate.
The last part of his presentation he goes into the animation of Fragments, AnimationUtils and combining animations by putting it in a Set. Mark finishes with Property Animations which is the one thing that he was most excited about. This is also one that I haven’t applied so far so this will most likely be the first thing that I will be looking into when getting to do some animations!


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