Droidcon UK 2013: Day 2, part 5 & 6

This post will contain the fifth and sixth presentation that I saw today.

As a fifth speaker I saw Kenton Price. The talk was titled “Teaching Your Client Android Design; or, Ridding the World of iPhoneys”. Kenton shared his experiences of projects he worked on. He focused on what his clients expected from the way Android applications behave and how they are designed. As most of these clients had an iOS application before an Android application they often expected iOS behaviour and styling to be applied to their Android version of the application. Kenton gave some tips on how one could manage expectations of clients. It was a fun talk that mirrored the experiences Ive had before as well. It’s always good to see that you are not alone!

The sixth speaker I saw was Cyril Mottier. He spoke in-depth about Drawables. He went past the basic knowledge and backed his information with clear and easy examples. He showed both .xml and Java based resources. For his full presentation you should have a look here. A very interesting presentation in any case!


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