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Months of hard work, blood sweat and toil have finally born fruit. Today we have made our open source project public.

MOBBL is an open source development framework for data centric mobile applications.

MOBBL was born out of our own needs in 2006, and we have used it ever since in various incarnations for our own apps.

We develop reasonably complex native apps for iOS and Android and Mobile websites written in Java. The complexity in our apps is usually related to webservices and data. Our customers require our apps to be secure, have a stunning UI and use API features that are a real pain with HTML5 frameworks. MOBBL allows us to create native apps in a predictable and portable way.

Because we believe that feedback always improves software, we want to share our knowledge and invite you to try it out and share improvements.Ā Itude Mobile is commited to keeping MOBBL current and improving it when we can.



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