Droidcon London 2015: Microservices

droidcon London 2015-1

Near the end of two days of Droidcon, Duana Stanley of SoundCloud shared how SoundCloud migrated from a monolithic architecture for their public API to microservices. This talk was interesting because currently, we are working on a public API which currently has a monolithic architecture. This talk triggered me to read more into microservices. Martin Fowler and James Lewis wrote an interesting and elaborate blog post on this subject.

The idea of microservices is that you have a suite of separate services which communicate with each other. An advantage of this, is that it is possible to deploy multiple instances of a microservice that is heavily being used. For instance, if you have an account service with which you can login. And a service to get a list of street names. The street name service would probably be used more often than the account service. So you would deploy three street name services and one account service.

The use of microservices an interesting alternative for the monolithic architecture. The biggest question I currently have, is when should you transition to microservices? What is your opinion?


skills matter-droidcon London 2015
Video Skills Matter – Droidcon London 2015



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