Google I/O 2016 developer talks

Last May 18th to 20th was the Google I/O 2016. The Google I/O is an annual conference for developers. Besides the usual marketing numbers, the keynote is often used to announce new products and services Google is planned to launch later this year. This year Google announced Google Home, a new messenger app Allo, a video calling app Duo and more. Besides these announcements, there are also a lot of interesting talks where Google developers tell us about how to use new, improved and existing APIs. A lot of those talks are available on Youtube. Below is a list of talks that I watched and found interesting enough to share.

The talk below is about using the right APIs to prevent your app to slow down the users phone or to drain the battery.

The talk below is about changes that were introduced in Android Marshmallow and Android N and other good practices to keep in mind to secure data in your app.

The talk below is about the new Awareness API. There are already numerous APIs that can detect the users’ activity, geofencing, whether the headphones are plugged in and more. Combining these APIs can be difficult, especially in terms of efficiency. The Awareness API efficiently combines the aforementioned APIs.

The talk below is a deep dive into the RecyclerView.

The final talk I would like to share is a deep dive into Fragments.


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