The Design Sprint – Our Experience

The sprint

The past two weeks we have worked on a prototype for a customer in the financial world. They approached us with an idea for an app. Because it wasn’t clear enough what the potential app would be about, we’ve chosen a design sprint to collaborate with the customer and find out what the app should be about.

A design sprint consists of five stages:

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-13 om 12.04.04.png

We have used these stages in iterations of 3 days:

Day 1: Empathize

  • In this stage we made sure there was a clear understanding of the content ahead.

Day 1: Define:

  • With the information gathered during the first hour(s), we went ahead and started to define the customer profiles of their users

Day 1: Ideate:

  • Knowing the content and the users of the new app, we started with ideas that could lead to an app. Everyone was drawing their ideas as simple as possible on a piece of paper. Afterwards, dot-voting would make sure the best ideas were chosen for further analysis.

Day 2: Prototype:

  • In the previous stages we gathered information and ideas we used as input for the prototype. The first prototype was created as a clickable PDF. However, we soon found out that users got stuck on trivial stuff like static content and missing animations. By creating a simple app we gave users the idea that they where using an actual app. That helped a lot to get better feedback on the content.

Day 3: Testing:

  • We used usability tests to evaluate if the features in the prototype matched our expectations. We gathered around 4 to 6 users each testing day so we had enough information and input for the following iteration.


Our experience

To be honest we were a bit skeptical at first, but in the end we couldn’t have chosen a better approach. Because of the short iteration we were forced to be creative and concise at the same time. This resulted in a satisfied customer who knows their target audience and has an idea of what the actual app could be.

We encourage those that want to create a great prototype with well thought out content within a short amount of time to use a Design Sprint. We’re sure you will love it!

For more information about Design Sprints check out Google Ventures.


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