TransFollow in partnership with IRU

18 July 2016 

The Dutch logistic IT solution provider, TransFollow and the International Road Transport Union (IRU) have formed a partnership to drive paperless freight transport across Europe and beyond.

Itude Mobile congratulates TransFollow on this huge opportunity to roll out their innovative solutions on an international scale.
TransFollow created several important applications for the transportation sector. One of which is a platform and smartphone app to support the transport of Dangerous Goods (ADR).

TransFollows most import product right now is the digital version of the CMR / Waybill; also a combination of a platform and an innovative smartphone app. The platform stores the digital CMR’s and functions as a hub between supply chain parties. The platform offers an open API and the smartphone app is used to digitally sign the CMR in a secure and legally binding way. The platform can be used to exchange information with all relevant parties  in the supply chain. Several TMS, WMS and ERP suppliers already have standard connections.
Having worked with TransFollow on the creation of the current digital CMR (also called TransFollow) since day one, Itude is proud to be involved in development and maintenance of TransFollows solutions.

Itude Mobile has a track record of innovative IT solutions for supply chains;  IoT sensors for containers, mobile apps for recognising logistic assets and barcodes and specialised carrier apps (among others for EyeFreight)

Itude Mobile is ready to follow TransFollow onto the international stage and supply value with our services and apps to even more customers all over the world.


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