Showcasing our LoRa device at the KPN IoT Roadshow

Dutch telecom operator KPN is rolling out its LoRaWan network in the Netherlands. To promote LoRa based solutions like our Babbler (, KPN is running a roadshow in Dutch cities.

The following photos give an impression of the first roadshow event at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol:





Visit us at Fruit Logistica 2016 in Berlin


We will be demonstrating Babbler between 3 and 5 February at the Fruit Logistica 2016 in Berlin. Fruit Logistica attracts over 60.000 visitors every year, with over 2800 exhibitors. Please drop by if you are visiting and try to enter our shipping container without being detected!

We are at Hall 21 stand F04 (EU-FINISH).

More details:


Fresh apps on tour

The EU Fresh Info is a two day innovation event for companies involved in fresh produce.

Among those to share their insights were: The Port of Rotterdam, Copenhagen Business School, Jumbo supermarkets, Albert Heijn supermarkets, Univeg, Frugi Venta, Fruitday and SanLucar. Itude Mobile exhibited on both days and presented our smart seal product during the breakout sessions on Wednesday.

Some highlights:

  • Good news for dutch exporters: In China, nobody trusts domestic produce, which is creating a massive market for online purchase of fruit and vegetables.
  • Paper shipping documents are expensive; two thirds of the cost of international transportation by shipping container is due to (paper) documents.
  • Data sharing initiatives around the Port of Rotterdam are blossoming; Container Monitor and the use of Global Location Numbers for port berths will make life easier for carriers in the Rotterdam area.


World Customs Organisation Technology and Innovation Forum 2015

mini-container with babbler.jpg
Our pet shipping container

Itude Mobile exhibited and presented at the World Customs Organisation Technology and Innovation Forum 2015. In this bi-yearly conference for border forces and customs organisations new technology trends are addressed that promise to make the world a safer place. Our smart seal product Babbler attracted a lot of attention. We look forward to involving customs organisations from around the world.


The slides we presented to customs organisations from around the worlds are on slideshare:

Itude Mobile selected for EU accelerator program Fiware/FINISH

cropped-cropped-FInish-3-x-large-300x83  fiware_accelerator

European program FINISH aims to stimulate internet and technology in the food and supply chain sectors. Out of 120 applicants Itude Mobile was one of 19 selected for support by the EU. Our proposed “end to end, smart sealing and quality monitoring solution of containers in the supply chain” will be developed in the coming months. We will be using the Fiware software stack which is part of the same EU program.

More details will follow soon….


Internet of moving things


Update 24 april 2015

Op 23 april 2015 spraken Stephan Okhuijsen en Robin Puthli over de ‘Internet of moving things’ tijdens de IoT dag van het apprilfestival.


Het zorgvuldig delen van gegevens is essentieel om efficiënt goederen te vervoeren, maar ook om de kwaliteit ervan te bewaken. Tegelijkertijd wil iedereen dat die gegevens goed beveiligd zijn.  

Gelukkig zijn er steeds meer open standaarden en open source software oplossingen waar bedrijven gebruik van kunnen maken om deze complexe problematiek aan te pakken. Tijdens deze presentatie zal Stephan Okhuijsen ingaan op de bestaande en opkomende open standaarden die als olie tussen de Internet of Things en cloud systemen werkt. Vervolgens zal Robin Puthli aan de hand van een logistieke casus aangeven hoe die standaarden gebruikt kunnen worden en welke open source producten daarbij helpen. Ook delen we praktijkervaring met de open source software die de Europese Unie als onderdeel van het ‘Future Internet’ programma voor MKB bedrijven ter beschikking stelt.


De casus die we behandelen betreft een mobiel weerstation: Bij de productie, vervoer en opslag van agrarische goederen is de temperatuur essentieel. Verkeerde temperatuur is de belangrijkste oorzaak dat versproducten verspild worden.  We laten zien hoe je mobiel weerstation kunt maken en die gegevens zorgvuldig en veilig kunt delen middels open source software.


Over Itude Mobile

Itude Mobile maakt maatwerk software voor sensoren, smartphones en de cloud en koppelt dat allemaal aan elkaar. Dat doen we vooral in de logistiek, waar alles in beweging is en (mobiele) netwerkverbindingen onbetrouwbaar zijn.


The Internet of Things will be much, much bigger than mobile


At the Mobile World Congress 2015 we attended the 4YFN innovation sessions, many of which addressed the expected Internet of Things revolution.

The following is a summary of a presentation by Alexander Izomisov of Ericsson on the Internet of Things and why it will have more impact than most people expect. Ericsson supplies telecommunications hardware for many of the worlds network operators.

What is the Internet of Things?

The internet of things (IoT for short) is a buzzword in the high-tech and startup landscape. IoT encompases all the devices we are starting to use that access or put data on the internet. Cars, heart-rate monitors, vending machines, weather stations, thermostats and many more devices have suddenly become ‘smart’ by being connected to the internet.

50 billion internet devices in 2020

From a telecom perspective this changes the world fundamentally. Between 2010 and 2015 the voice connections handled by mobile networks doubled as more consumers adopted mobile phones. That number is expected to grow to 9,5 Billion users in 2020, after which everyone will have a phone and the volume of voice calls will probably flatten out (you can only speak to so many people on the phone or watch so many youtube video’s on your smartphone – even if you are a teenager 😉 ).
Data however is a completely different story. There is no real limit to the number of connected devices you can own. I have a connected thermostat, connected TV and connected solar panel in my home, my car connects to the internet, i can buy internet connected lamp bulbs and so on. And that is just the devices that i make decisions about. Manufacturers are increasingly adding IoT tech to everything from coffee vending machines to greenhouse equipment. Between 2010 and 2015 the volume of data that mobile networks handled grew 14 fold and is growing exponentially. Whatever the number of IoT connected devices in 2020 (50 Billion according to some) it is clear we have a completely different order of magnitude growth than we saw with voice connections.

The networked society

Numbers aside, the internet of things will have a profound impact on our lives. Commonplace objects in our homes, workplaces and public spaces will be connected. We are entering what some call the ‘Networked society’ in which the concepts of network and connected devices will be redefined. And it will happen in the next 5-10 years.

Enter 5G

Mobile 3G and 4G networks using IPv4 simply cannot cope with the exponential growth of mobile data. 5G is the telecom technology that promises to keep the networks ticking over in the next 5 years. 5G promises much lower power consumption for connected, low power devices coupled with much higher bandwidth. It promises 100-1000x the bandwidth of current networks with much lower latency and the ability to cope with 100x as many devices. IPv6 will allow the 50 Billion devices to have their own address on the network.