Itude Mobile regularly attends and speaks at events about Mobile development:

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Upcoming events

Android Developer Days (2015)

Anakara, 11-12 May

At this years Android Developer Days Wiebe Elsinga will talk about how to design a better (U)Xperience for your Android application.

Past events

Appril Internet of Things event (2015)

Amsterdam, 23 April

Itude Mobile will be sharing insights and experiences on international IoT standards, European initiatives and IoT security.

Appril Mobile UX workshop (2015)

Utrecht, 14 April

Itude Mobile will be repeating the popular mobile UX workshop. Same as last year, but better, fresher and addressing iOS8 and Android Material Design.

Mdevcon (2015)

Amsterdam, 5-6 March

One of the few events that cater to iOS developers in the Netherlands, Ricardo and Berry will be attending.

Mobile World Congress (2015)

Barcelona, 2 -6 March, Barcelona

Although the main congress is getting a bit stale, there are plenty of side conferences and events to make up for it. Gert Jansen op de Haar and Robin Puthli were at the IoT / Disruptive Business models side conference in the FIRA Montjuic (

Amazon Awesome Day

Zeist, 23 Feb 2015

We have used Amazon’s cloud computing platform for 7 years, but this conference helped to get up to speed on Amazon products we don’t currently use.

Mobile Central Europe (2015)

Warsaw, 4 -6 Februari 2015

It’s our second time visiting the MCE and talking about mobile development. (2014)

Amsterdam, 23 -25 November 2014

Two speakers from Itude Mobile at this event: At this years DroidconNL Wiebe Elsinga & Ali Derbane will take the audience on a journey into several testing frameworks to use for Android functional testing. During their interactive session Wiebe and Ali will be presenting a fine selection that could help you decide what to use in your next project (2014)

London, 30 and 31 October 2014

Itude Mobile will be at Droidcon London again to talk to/with Android experts around the world.

Appril (2014)

Eindhoven, April 3rd & Utrecht, April 29th

Frank van Eenbergen and Berry Pleijster hosted two workshops about prototyping with Keynote. The workshops are divided in two sections. After a short introduction the participants will learn how to use Keynote when prototyping their upcoming apps. When the theory and examples are done, it is up to them to create their own and give an interactive presentation with a clickable prototype.

These workshops were a great succes filling the locations to capacity at both locations. Photos are here

API Strategy and Practice (2014)

Amsterdam 26-28 March 2014

Our first time at this conference:

Mobile World Congress (2014)

Barcelona 24-27 February 2014

Developer Showcase at WIPJam@MWC. This is the biggest mobile developer conference in Europe. Period. We will be at the MOBBL.ORG stand in Barcelona:
Drop by if you’re in the neighbourhood! Can’t  be there? Check out our open source mobile app framework:

WIPJam@MWC UnPanel #3: Robin will be in the panel for “5 Ways to Screw Up Enterprise Development”. Auditorium, Level 3, Hall M5
14:15 to 14:45 (2:15pm to 2:45pm). (2013)

Amsterdam, 24 -26 November 2013

Two speakers from Itude Mobile at this event: Ali will be speaking about Calabash and testing and Wiebe will be talking about open source projects:

Devoxx (2013)

Antwerp, 11 – 16 November 2013

Ali will be speaking about testing with Calabash: (2013)

London, 24 and 25 October 2013

Itude Mobile will is out in force, Pjotter spoke about OCR on Android, Ali spoke about testing with Calabash, Robin spoke about porting native Android apps to native iOS and vice versa. Video’s are here:

Google DevFest NL (2013)

Amsterdam, 19 October 2013

Itude Mobile is sponsoring our friends from the Dutch Android User group at

Mdevcon (2013)

Eindhoven, 14 – 15 March 2013

Wiebe will be speaking about Google TV apps:

Mobile World Congress (2013)

25 February – 28 February 2013
Barcelona – Spain

ItudeMobile will be attending the Samsung developer day and various other technical sessions at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

DroidconES (2012)

6 – 8 December 2012
Murcia – Spain

Wiebe will be speaking at the Droidcon Spain. He will be talking about Prototyping your Android application.

DroidconNL (2012)

22 – 23 November 2012
Oostenburgereiland – Amsterdam – The Netherlands

Ali Derbane will be speaking at the Dutch version of the Droidcon, also known as the droidconNL. He will be talking about Android and expansion files.

Droidcon UK (2012)

25-26 October 2012
Islington Business Design Center – London – UK

Our Android team is present at the Wiebe Elsinga will be co-organizing the international VHack hackathon to celebrate five years of Android. Robin Puthli spoke on Device Fragmentation strategies for mobile developers on the 25th, The presentation is here: Presentation – Device Fragmentation Strategies.

Mdevcon (2011)

10 March 2012
Tuschinski – Amsterdam – The Netherlands

Wiebe Elsinga will be speaking at the Mdevcon. He will be talking about Prototype your mobile applications.

Mobile World Congress (2012)

27 February – 1 March 2012
Barcelona – Spain

ItudeMobile will be exhibiting at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

DroidconNL (2011)

22 – 23 November 2011
Oostenburgereiland – Amsterdam – The Netherlands

Wiebe Elsinga will be speaking at the Dutch version of the Droidcon, also known as the droidconNL. He will be talking about Prototyping your Android applications.


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