apprilfestival: mobile UX and usability workshop

Last Tuesday Berry and Frank gave a workshop about Mobile UX design and usability testing during the week long apprilfestival in the Netherlands. 20 designers worked on mobile design problems and exchanged experiences and tips.






Android Testing Support Library announced

During the Droidcon UK 2014, Stephan Linzner of Google announced the upcoming Android Testing Support Library. This means Google is (finally) taking testing Android apps seriously.


The library is a unbundled static testing library for Android that containers all Android testing frameworks by Google. It will become a available through the Android Support repository and as open source in AOSP.

So what does it contain?

    • AndroidJUnitRunner

This Runner, based on android.test.InstrumentationTestRunner, runs JUnit3 and JUnit4 tests against an Android package (application). Let me give an example:

@RunWith (JUnit4.class)
public class MyJUnit4Test {
Droidcon mDroidconUK;

public void setUp() {
mDroidconUK = new Droidcons.get(Droidcon.UK);;

public void checkPreconditions() {
assertNotNull(“mDroidconUK cannot be null”, mDroidconUK);

public void tearDown() {

    • Espresso

Introduced at the GTAC in 2013, Espresso makes it possible to write concise, beautiful, and reliable Android UI tests quickly. Lets look at some examples:

// Find view using a Matcher and type text using a ViewAction
onView(withId(, closeSoftKeyboard());

// Perform a click ViewAction

// Verify using a ViewAssertion

    • Intento

Intento is like Mockito but for Intents. Basically a mock framework that allows you to create and configure mock objects. Let me give you an example:

public void testDailerInput_typeNumberAndCall() {

//Type phonenumber in dialer
onView(withId(, typeText(“123-345-6789”), closeSoftKeyboard());

// Click the call button
onView(withId(, click());

//Validate Intent has been send
hasData(allOf(hasSchemaSpecificPart(“tel”, “123-345-6789”)))),

In conclusion: Testing with Android is finally becoming a more prominent part of Android Development cycle with the introduction of the Android Testing Support Library

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Android functional testing

Android™ development and testing go hand in hand. When it comes to automated functional testing there are plenty of frameworks out there. At this years DroidconNL (23 – 25 November) Wiebe Elsinga & Ali Derbane will take the audience on a journey into several testing frameworks to use for Android functional testing.

Wiebe ElsingaAli Derbane

During their interactive session Wiebe and Ali will be presenting a fine selection that could help you decide what to use in your next project. Some of the frameworks they will talk about are Robotium, Robolectric, UIAutomator, Calabash, Selendroid and Espresso. And since DroidconNL is a developer conference there will be code as well!